Someday Devotion - Day 7

[sc_embed_player fileurl=""]  Listen to DAY 7 MP3 Luke 1:38a “I am your willing servant.” (NIV) After being afraid and greatly troubled, and after questioning, Mary was then ready, willing, and able to surrender to His will and His plan. She said (in fact, it is recorded that she sings), “I am your willing servant. May it be unto me as your word has said.” I find great comfort when I read this story. She was a very normal young woman, wanting to be willing to do the right thing, and yet fearful and unsure. It was after she was willing to tell the angel (and of course God) what she was really feeling, that she was able to feel a surrendered peace. So often, I think we’re not willing to let God in on our process. He knows we get afraid sometimes, He knows we have questions. As we become willing to share our deepest thoughts and feelings with Our Father (remember He can handle it), we also allow Him to comfort us and lead us into total surrender to Him. Then we can say, like Mary, “May it be unto me as YOUR WORD has said.” Someday Based on Devotional by Sandi Patty Someday: A Book of Days Copyright © 2000 by Sandi Patty All Rights Reserved Go to Someday Devotion - Day 1 Go to Someday Devotion - Day 6 Go to Someday Devotion - Day 8


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