An Encouraging Thought from Sandi Patty

What word of encouragement or caution would you give to current artists today? Sandi Patty:  “I think the biggest word of caution would be, surround yourself with a group of people who will stand with you, who will hold you accountable, and who will be your voice of truth. Even though what we sing about on the road is real, a lot of times, when you’re on the road and make a career of Christian music, there can always be this sense of unreality to it – a sense that things don’t count. Whether it’s catering or relationships or whatever, you must be grounded first and foremost in your faith, and then in relationships that will hold you accountable and help you grow. I think the second thing is that just because you’re in Christian music, that’s not a substitute for our personal relationship with Christ. What we do is work. And it’s very meaningful work. But it’s still work. It’s not our relationship with Jesus Christ. We still have to pursue that and allow Him to pursue us on a daily basis, or we lose our grounding.” Posted by Kayla Fioravanti October 2, 2013   Sandi Patty and Larnelle Harris were highlighted in this month’s issue of CCA Magazine! Find out what Sandi and Larnelle have to say about their solo careers, the power of prayer, and what the future holds. SP.image2


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