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RAMBLINGS FROM THE ROAD  November 30, 2012 25 years ago today, my twins, John and Jenn were born.  Those two have been a source of joy, comfort, delight, giggles, and inspiration.  I celebrate them today.  And for lo these 25 years have treasured all these things in my heart. I’m currently on the road with Jason Crabb (and seriously if you don’t know his music, get it NOW) .  We have having the best time.  I keep singing in my head that old Donny and Marie Osmond song, “I’m a little bit country, (and then I say), I’m a little bit Classical.”  Anyway we are having fun.  Come see us.  We are getting homesick and the one thing that makes homesick better is to see our friends out on the road. I’m trying to get into a work out routine. Which for some reason seems easier on the road.  So I’ve worked out every day for at least 20 min cardio and many times 30 minutes.  I kinda get bored working out, I’m not gonna lie.  I’ve tried watching TV, reading a book or magazine.  I finally said forget it I’m just gonna listen to music. Funny thing happened…I like music.  That may sound odd, since well, I DO music.  But often when our business is music, we don’t find ourselves actually listening to music.  But I loved it.  I had an “ah-ha” moment on that treadmill.  I’ve always loved music.   I fell in love with music because I listened to it way back when I was a kid.  I can’t believe I forgot that... it’s good to remember what once gave us joy and find it again. During this holiday season, what do you need to find that once gave you joy?  Cooking?  Music?  Dancing?  Singing?  Running?  Planning a tea?  It doesn’t even have to be something that someone else sees.  Just finding the joy all by yourself.  Whatever it is…I pray you find it and lavish your heart with the re-acquaintance of an old friend. Be blessed today friends— Sandi

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Dinah Bennett

My only child, a son. turned 26 Labor Day. Now, that his is on his own and paying his own insurance. I now find time to return to college, one course at a time, and pursue my first love,history. But my son and I stated a tradition a few years ago of going to the movies on Thanksgiving and Christmas. It seemed when he was a teenager and I was working we were having trouble getting our schedules to match. But now that has a real job and of coarse i’m still working we find this is a good way for us to stop the holiday madness for a couple of hours, turn off the phones and enjoy a time togetjer
I was able to see you at Women of Faith in Orlando, Fl in October. You did something that really impressed me, and that doesn’t happen very often. After signing autographs and having your ypictures taken with women for over a half an hour, you stopped as you were being rushed out the door and signed another dozen or so autographs. I thought that was awesome. If it made you later you didn’t show it on stage, a few minutes later. Thank you so much. From a new but very impressed Fan. Dinah Bennett

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