Hi Notes: Weekend Reflections

Weekend Reflections: March 22-24, 2012 I love music.  I love to sing.  I cannot remember a time when I didn’t love music.  There was a time in my life that I thought music didn’t love me, but I have always been drawn to music.  For many years, music was my voice. I would speak my heart through music.  Music would help me tell my story.  Music has been and continues to be woven into the very fabric of my soul. This past weekend some of my fellow music makers and I got together and did a few shows.  Guests were Larnelle Harris, Wayne Watson, the group 4Him, and Clay Crosse.  We hopped on a bus and traveled to Memphis, Birmingham and Little Rock.  What I expected was great music and song, I was not disappointed.  What I expected was stepping back into the ’80’s and early ’90’s and share much of the music we each sang during that time.  I was not disappointed. What I didn’t expect was this overwhelming feeling of gratitude and thankfulness.  I mean, think about it.  We aren’t as young on the outside as we were in the ’80’s.  Some of the guys are grandparents.  Time has marched on and we marched on with it. Some of us are still traveling the country, singing concerts, writing music, leading worship.  Some coach their son or daughter’s sports teams.  Some are taking care of their parents in the final season of their parents life.  Some of us have no regrets---many of us have regrets.  Not about the singing, but about the fact that we stopped singing THE song in our lives for awhile. Last night as I was sharing the last part of the concert, I looked over at these ragamuffins--because face it, we are all ragamuffins--and I realized there has been a lot of life lived within the pages of our stories.  Stories that have from time to time woven together--stories that have gone off on their own for a while.  But nevertheless, much life has been lived in the years we have all been in the business. And of all the songs we have sung, or the words we have written, or the people with whom we have shared, it comes back to the lyrics of the first song many of us ever learned.  The song, that in the midst of stormy seasons, still sings true.  The song, that in the midst of pain and darkness, still sings true.  The song, that in the midst of loss and disappointment, still sings true. And it is THIS song that keeps us showing up every night to do what we do.  Not because we are great, but because HE is great.  And as long as I can sing from my heart, I will forever proclaim the truth I have found within my own soul.  The song that has been the constant truth in my life.... Jesus loves me, this I know for the Bible tells me so little ones to him belong we are weak but He is strong YES!  Jesus loves me YES! Jesus loves me YES! Jesus loves me The Bible tells me so


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Sallie Lincecum Hill

Sandi –
Your rendition of “Yes Jesus Loves Me” is still one of my favorites. I, as well as many others am sure, have your entire dialogue memorized from your live album when you sang the many versions of this song….searching for the real YOU in your life. Could so so so relate to that then…and now at times too. And through all those crazy crazy times in our lives, this truth holds true….YES JESUS LOVES ME….THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO!
Thank you for your music and thank you for your friendship!


I’m sorry you felt as though “music didn’t love (you).” I am sorry for the way the “Church” treated you. You are absolutely right, “we are all ragamuffins.” Thank you for not giving up on us or on Christ. I have always enjoyed listening to you sing and the way you take us to God’s throne in worship. Thank you for remembering (and sharing) “the song” which still rings true through all generations, through all situations, and for all of us ragamuffins. Praying God will continue blessing your efforts as you continue seeking His company.


Your concert in Birmingham was wonderful, and we truly appreciate you coming to visit us! Yes, it was a flashback to my younger days when all I wanted to do was sing like Sandi Patty or Whitney Houston—-and what an added bonus to have my other favorites singing with you! Thank you for your inspiration and the true feelings you put into your music. May God continue to bless you and your ministry!

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