Someday Devotional: Day 23

Matthew 2:10-12 “….and when they saw the star, they were overjoyed…they bowed down and worshipped him…and presented him with gifts…” At the end of the wise men’s journey, they met Jesus.  It was he they sought and it was he they found.  They were overcome with joy and they knelt down and worshiped him.  Then, they offered him gifts. Have you ever been so overcome with joy about some blessing you have received that you just had to do something?  Sing a song, jump for joy, give someone a hug, laugh or cry, or maybe all of the above. I imagine God giving us blessings like parents give Christmas presents.  As parents, we plan, we plot, we surprise, we delight, and then we watch as the gifts are discovered.  We see the joy on our children’s faces.  We hear the squeals of laughter, and we are pleased.  It is music to our ears.  How much more does God delight in blessing His children?  He loves to surprise us and see the joy on our face.  It is music to His heart.


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