Someday Devotional: Day 18

Luke 2:8 “There were shepherds…keeping watch over their flocks at night.”  I’ve done a little reading about sheep-- enough to know that they are not the brightest of animals.  In fact, quite frankly they are dumb.  They are completely and totally dependent upon their shepherd, their leader.  It is my understanding, as I read about sheep, that if there were no one to guide them, they would walk over to the edge of a cliff and fall of.  There is no sense of direction—no sense of danger.  Total and complete reliance on the shepherd for their well being. Jesus has been referred to as the Great Shepherd.  That’s a very lovely thought until you realize we are the dumb, stupid sheep.  We are the ones who lose our way if it weren’t for him.  We are the ones completely and totally dependent upon Him for our well being.  Without him, we too fall.  With Him, he keeps us safe and protected—loved and cared for.


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