Someday Devotional: Day 2

Someday, when this night is over And the star has faded, and the angels fly I will look to you with wonder Dreaming of this first night, when I heard you cry Someday, you'll take your tiny fingers And with just a touch will cause the blind to see Someday, you will walk with strangers But tonight I'll rock you, stay awhile with me As I reflect upon this song, I hear many poignant and tender lyrics.  One of the most difficult challenges for me as a parent is to leave my children in God’s hands.  Though God has given me such amazing children, ultimately they belong to God.  Some days as I read the newspaper or listen to the news on TV, I am absolutely convinced that I need to lock my kids in the house forever.  There is so much pain and hurt in the world and it is my nature to want to shield them from all of it.  I realize of course that is not a reality.  But the world is a very scary place and I want to hold on to my little angels just a little while longer.  Not knowing what the future holds, I certainly hold on way too tight. As a parent, I would suspect that Mary might have had some of these same feelings.  God gave her the ultimate responsibility of caring for and raising His son.  She knew, perhaps all too well, what lay ahead for her son.  How she would have loved to shield him from the pain He would bear.  However, she also knew that He ultimately belonged to God, and that Jesus was forever going to be safely in His Father’s hands.

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Nikki Parks

Good Morning Sandi!!!

Thank you so much for doing this story. I was really excited after reading day 1 yesterday. Today made me break down and cry. I have two kids 6 and 4 and right now as it is I can’t say that I can just give them up to GOD. I am trying real hard but it hurts thinking about not being in control and protecting my children the best. I know God will do amazing things through there lives. It is nice to put Mary to real life and think of her as a normal mother. She is just such an inspirational woman and mother who gets over looked so much in the world today. This is my new prayer for this time and into the next year that I will learn to give my children to God willingly.

Love to you and Blessings of Great Joy

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