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She’s keeping Super Bowl date open...
ANDERSON, Ind. — Elected officials, VIPs and special guests can be a regular sight daily at Indianapolis Colts training camp.
Among the guests during the first week of camp at Anderson University was gospel singer Sandi Patty. Patty was living in Anderson when the Baltimore Colts moved to Indianapolis in 1984 and was a season ticket holder.
“I love the Colts so much. When Art Schlichter was the quarterback I was (at training camp) a lot. I’m just a big fan,” Patty said on Thursday.
Patty now resides in Oklahoma City after calling Anderson home for years. She still has family in the area and makes regular visits to the Hoosier state. And the timing of her visit coinciding with Colts camp was purely intentional.
“I strategically planned to come visit my family the week the Colts were in here for camp,” Patty said. “I do have family here and I try to visit every couple of months. My kids are here. One lives in Indianapolis. One works at East Side Church of God. One goes to school (at Anderson University), one goes to Butler and my parents are still here.”
Patty has performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Colts home games in previous years, the most recent being a game last December. She has performed the national anthem for the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder.
“I have gotten to perform at the Colts games,” Patty said. “And, to whoever, my schedule is available to the Super Bowl.”
Patty has also shared the stage with some of the Colts themselves during past holidays.
“One of my favorite memories of the Colts was off the field. When I did Yule Tide Celebration with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra about four years ago. Ben Utecht, (tight end) who used to play for the Colts, he sang beautifully,” Patty said. “Ryan Diem, Jeff Saturday, Dallas Clark and Justin Snow were all at the concert. At the very last, the whole cast sings “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and I had them all come up on stage and join us. They just smiled a lot.”
Playing football and singing on stage are miles apart in terms of the physicality involved in the preparation for a game/performance. But the mental aspect is where Patty sees a solid comparison, especially as it pertains to the Colts’ maestro of a quarterback.
“One of the things I love about Peyton Manning is he reads plays like someone would read an orchestra score. He knows every nuance,” Patty said. “That’s where I’m going to stop with the similarities because there’s much more (physical) risk out (on the football field).”
Patty’s music schedule will bring her back to Anderson on Sunday, Aug. 21, as her Sandi & Friends show will come to the Madison Park Church. She also has a new album due on in October called “Broadway Stories.”
“(The show) is some great Christian songs from the ’80s,” she said. “The new record is some of my favorite Broadway songs that I’ve always wanted to do.”
Patty sees the Colts Camp as a positive for the city that she called home for many years. And as a way for the city to promote what she believes is its best commodity.
“It takes getting people into this town to meet the people in this community. I’ve always said that the best resource Anderson has is its people,” Patty said. “I do love and it’s great that (the Colts) are here. It’s so great for our community. So, yay for Anderson.”
A big part of the people that Patty feels plays a huge part in the success of the Colts Camp being back in Anderson is an obvious one: the fan base.
“I think the Colts have some of the best fans,” Patty said. “There are some crazy fans in the NFL and we have some of that, but we also have great respectful fans that ... know when it’s time to be crazy and chill when it’s time to chill. To see the support of them coming out, it’s awesome and I welcome them all to Anderson.”
Article Courtesy of The Herald Bulletin
By Quintin Harlan 


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