Sandi Patty Cruising the Caribbean


You may have heard that Sandi is taking a cruise in February. What you may not know is that there are new amazing additions to the roster... We're excited to announce that Natalie Grant, Anita Renfroe and Wayne Watson are boarding the boat to the caribbean with us. They join Sandi (and her entire family), Mark Schultz, Laura Story, Patsy Clairmont and More.

"Alright kids... It's official. We have an amazing line-up of friends coming on the cruise. PLUS my family. So bring your family (and their homework-ha) and join us for an UNFORGETTABLE week! People like Natalie, Anita, and Patsy have been my girlfriends for so many years," says Sandi. "Wayne and I go way back, and same with Mark. Laura is a new friend of mine and I am so glad to have her a part of the friends crew. Jim Lyon has been my pastor for over 15 years and Marty is our new pastor in Oklahoma City. So, I essentially asked people from all areas and seasons of my life to hang out with me on a cruise. It's going to be fun and meaningful."
Join Sandi at sea as she cruises from Florida to Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Bahamas and more! From February 18-25, 2012 we will sail the crystal blue Caribbean waters on Holland America's Ms. Eurodam ship. Along with Sandi and her entire family, she'll be joined by special guests Natalie Grant, Mark Schultz, Anita Renfroe, Wayne Watson, Patsy Clairmont, Laura Story, Jim Lyon and Marty Grubbs! We simply can't wait for this exciting week of cruising, and we want YOU to be with us!
Feel free to check out or call 615-386-9005 and make sure to reserve your spot to join us. We can't wait to see you in February!


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